Market a $100,000 giveaway tomorrow, without risking a penny.

Shared Sweeps is the first and only company that allows you to benefit from sweepstakes marketing without the financial risk or legal complexity.

Supercharge your revenue and first party data while giving your customers a chance at a life changing prize.

How Does it Work?

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We Launch a Sweepstakes

We kick-start the process by launching a sweepstakes and selecting appropriate companies to participate. Our expert team manages all associated responsibilities, including absorbing financial risk and handling legalities, registration, and bonding. You get to enjoy the benefits of a sweepstakes without the hassle of setting it up.

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You Market It

After you sign up with Shared Sweeps, it’s time to get the word out. Utilize this opportunity to drive your sales and attract a larger audience. Don’t worry, we’re right there with you, offering advice on best practices, and supplying innovative ideas. You decide the level of support you need from us.

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We Collect Entries

When the sweepstakes ends, we gather and organize entry data from the participating companies. This data is then sent to a federally regulated third-party agency, which randomly selects the winner.

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We Award the Winner

Once the winner is selected, we step in to handle the award process. This includes documenting the grand prize winner receiving their prize, which is used for social proof.

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If the Winner is One of Your Customers

We will document the process of awarding the winner and create a highlight reel for your social media channel. In addition, you are welcome to come along to the giveway and create your own content. This not only provides valuable social proof for your brand but also helps to build anticipation and excitement for future sweepstakes.

What are you responsible for?

Sweepstakes Steps

  • Buy the Prize
  • Bond
  • Register
  • Official Rules
  • Award the Prize
  • Market the Sweepstakes

Shared Sweeps

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Launch a Sweepstakes Without the Risk and Without Spending a Penny

We charge based on the attributable sales you experience. That means no upfront costs, and no financial risk. Our success is tied directly to yours - we only succeed when you do.

Take advantage of our expertise in sweepstakes management and marketing to boost your business growth without the worries.

Increase Your Customer Engagement with the World’s Only Shared Sweepstakes Platform

Shared Sweeps allows businesses of all sizes to market large sweepstakes without the financial risk and legal complexity. Our platform provides an easy, streamlined process to increase customer engagement and drive sales, without the usual challenges and obstacles involved in running a sweepstakes event.

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Unleash Your Potential Revenue Growth with Our Sweepstakes Service

The Impact of Sweepstakes Driven Marketing

Case studies have shown that sweepstakes driven marketing increases:

Email Revenue


SMS Revenue






Not only do these metrics show an increase in revenue, but they also indicate an improved relationship with customers. Through the shared excitement of a sweepstakes event, your customers will feel more engaged and connected to your brand.

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Featured Sweepstakes

$100,000 However You Want To Market It

Every customer base is different. An eco friendly brand may want to market a Tesla + $50,000 – an outdoorsy brand may want to market a truck and $30,000 – or you may just want to give $100,000 cash! No matter how you cut, it the grand prize winner will be taking home $100,000 worth of cash and/or prizes.

By marketing a life changing prize of $100,000 your job selling products or collecting first party data just because so much easier.

Remember, partnering with Shared Sweeps means we handle all the intricacies and legal requirements of running the sweepstakes, while you get to enjoy the benefits of enhanced customer engagement and data acquisition.


Use Cases

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Increase your revenue by incencitizing purchasing from your site with entries to the $100,000 sweepstakes. You can run email exculsive offers, SMS exclusive offers, organic social, paid social, or influencer led campaigns.

Since the Shared Sweeps model is performance based you can market the $100,000 as much or little as you want.

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Do you have products that are not selling as well as you were expecting? Instead of dramatically discounting the product offer entries for purchase on a certain product or category of products to sell through them at full price.

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Lead Generation

Use the $100,000 grand prize to incentivize sign up for your email/sms list.

When you pair a huge prize with a small ask you will increase your sign up percentage more than traditional A/B testing ever could. It's a great way to increase the performance of your paid ads that are driving traffic to your site.

You only pay if it increases your sign up percentage.

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About Us

Shared Sweeps was founded by Craig Martens and Richard Rawlings (yes that one). Richard hired Craig as the CRO of Gas Monkey Garage in 2021 to launch a sweepstakes marketing initiative. After growing sales >20X over two years with great feedback from their customers they realized they were on to something.

They recognized that launching a sweepstakes could be a daunting task between the large up-front costs and legal complexities, so they launched Shared Sweeps to democratize the ability to allow companies of all sizes to benefit from sweepstakes marketing.

Over the last several years the Shared Sweeps team has given away 7 figures worth of sweepstakes prizes through individual companies. This experience allowed us to observe a universal truth - the allure of sweepstakes transcends demographics. They are beloved by people from all walks of life.

This insight served as the catalyst for us founding Shared Sweeps. Our goal was simple yet ambitious - create the first and only company that fully finances sweepstakes and allows other companies to join in. We are motivated by the belief that great ideas should not be restricted by size or resources and our aim is to level the playing field, helping smaller businesses harness the power of sweepstakes to connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

In essence, Shared Sweeps is about more than just sweepstakes - we are about empowering businesses, fostering connections, and creating memorable experiences. As we move forward, we remain committed to this vision, driven by the same spirit of innovation and inclusivity that inspired our journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sweepstakes is a promotional strategy where a prize is awarded to a randomly chosen participant. These are completely legal across all 50 states within the United States. At Shared Sweeps, we ensure seamless compliance by managing all the legal, registration, and bonding requirements for you. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free experience, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the sweepstakes specifics.

Shared Sweeps operates on a performance-based pricing model. This means our fees are calculated as a fixed percentage of the additional sales directly attributable to the sweepstakes campaign, akin to an affiliate marketing model. What's the benefit for you? This approach means you get to enjoy all the gains without any financial risk. The better your campaign performs, the more successful we are - this alignment of interests ensures that we're invested in your success.

Virtually any business can leverage the power of sweepstakes to boost customer engagement, acquire new leads, and increase sales or donations. Sweepstakes can be particularly effective for ecommerce, non-profit organizations, and businesses seeking to expand their lead generation efforts. At Shared Sweeps, we tailor our sweepstakes strategies to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring optimal outcomes regardless of industry or business size.

Sweepstakes serve as a powerful marketing tool to incentivize customer actions. Whether it's signing up for a mailing list, making a purchase, or donating to a cause, the chance to win a prize can dramatically enhance engagement. Furthermore, sweepstakes can help to boost brand awareness, create a buzz around your business, and foster long-term customer loyalty.

At Shared Sweeps, we bring a wealth of experience in marketing sweepstakes. We offer comprehensive support to ensure the smooth execution of your campaign. This includes our 'white glove' assistance with emails, SMS marketing, donation management, organic social marketing, and paid social marketing. Our philosophy is simple: your success equates to ours. So we'll do everything we can to ensure your sweepstakes campaign not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

The prizes for your sweepstakes can be as diverse as your imagination. Popular choices include cash prizes, luxury items, exclusive experiences, and products or services from your business. The key is to offer a prize that your target audience will find enticing. Our team at Shared Sweeps can work with you to choose a prize that aligns with your brand and your campaign goals.

At Shared Sweeps, we take integrity very seriously. The selection process for our sweepstakes is entirely random and fully compliant with all legal standards and best practices. This transparency and fairness not only protect your brand reputation but also help to build trust with your customers or donors.

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